Blog: My Lymphedema Life

What Is Lymphedema? The Difference Between Secondary and Primary Lymphedema.

Lymphedema is a medical condition that occurs when part of the lymphatic system is damaged, blocked and/or missing. As a result, the body loses its ability to drain waste filled fluid from the affected area causing chronic, progressive swelling. The swelling and discomfort associated with lymphedema may be acute or gradual and can be temporary or chronic.


Why I Started Rolling To Help My Lymphedema

About a year ago, I put on a little extra weight (again) and to no real surprise, it triggered my lymphedema. However, this time around, I had a lot more trouble getting it back under control. 


Active Massage vs. Traditional Compression Garments

First let me say, one garment is NOT better than the other. Each takes a different approach to dealing with the swelling caused by lymphedema. The question is, which type of compression garment is best for managing your lymphedema long term?

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