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Whether you do laps, water exercise, walk or just hang out, the water offers incredible benefits and relief for lymphedema.

No compression necessary

  • Water provides natural compression. As you move, the water helps stimulate lymph movement throughout your entire body. Ahhhh!

Take some deep breaths

  • Further boost your lymphatic system by adding in a few deep belly breaths
  • Deep breathing is the body’s natural way to help clear out the lymphatics

Deep dive

  • Try a few dives down as far as you can go in the deep end. I find the increased pressure plus the deep breaths I take once I return to the surface have an amazing effect

Don’t just swim in it, remember to drink water too

  • Just not pool water! 

Love your lymphatic system, it’s the only one you’ve got!

Find what works for you, do it often and enjoy! More ideas? Please add below. Your idea could be the change for someone else.

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