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Any injury can become more complicated with a flare up of our lymphedema and lymphedema definitely makes it more difficult for our bodies to heal from cuts and wounds. This can put us at risk for cellulitis and no one wants to spend the holidays in the hospital.

Let’s be safe out there.

Colder Regions

  • Be aware of ice, especially black ice which isn’t easily seen. Walk carefully and make sure to wear good shoes/boots that fit the weather. You can always change when you reach your final destination.

  • Dress in layers so you can control your body temperature and remove layers as needed.

  • If you get your socks or clothing wet, make sure to change them. With lymphedema, you’re more prone to fungal infections and skin irritations from wet clothing. 

Warmer Regions

Learn more about Lymphedema

What is lymphedema? Are you at risk? Can it be prevented? Get the facts so you can take care of yourself! 

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