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This is where moderation is key. During this time of year there are so many temptations. All we can do is try to make the best choices for ourselves. Keep in mind, the three biggest contributors to aggravating our lymphedema:

  • Extra Weight - Unfortunately, a few extra pounds can make it more difficult for your lymph system to remove excess fluid. I've experienced this first hand and it' s no fun.

  • Salt - Salt makes the body retain fluid, not a good mix with lymphedema.

  • Alcohol - Drinking your woes away can create more woes with your lymphedema. Alcohol creates more fluid in the body which puts an extra burden on your already compromised lymphatic system.

Keep drinking water! Water keeps your body hydrated and helps flush out toxins. The more hydrated you stay, the better your lymphatic system can do its job.

On colder days, I love a warm cup of herbal tea. My favorites are spearmint during the day and chamomile with lavender at night. For an added health boost, I mix in a teaspoon of raw honey.

I also keep lemon and cucumber infused water in the fridge. This makes drinking water a little more interesting plus I get some added health benefits!

Here’s a link to some more infused water recipes. http://dish.allrecipes.com/fresh-ideas-for-making-infusedwater/

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