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From my experience, if you wear daytime compression garments and you don’t swell at night or experience any kind of discomfort from your lymphedema, you don’t need  to wear a nighttime garment or wraps. Actually, giving your lymphatic system a break from compression could be a good idea! Our bodies are not designed to be compressed 24/7. My concern is that long term and constant restriction of your lymphatic system could do more harm than good. Lymphedema already takes over your day so if you can have a break at night, take it! You and your significant other might really enjoy that time ;).

However, if you DO swell at night or you feel heaviness, aches, pain or discomfort from your lymphedema, nighttime garments or wraps are probably a good idea. I would recommend looking for garments that have been specifically developed for nighttime use. Google “nighttime garments for lymphedema,” to find the different options or talk with your lymphedema therapist or other healthcare professional. To keep things a bit spicy in the bedroom, maybe get one in black ;).

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