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I incorporate my lymphedema compression garments into my style. ~ Sue Callison

Ok let’s be real, most compression garments don’t make us feel sexy or confident. Actually, they can do the exact opposite, making us feel embarrassed about our appearance and wreaking havoc on our self esteem. I remember how uncomfortable and self conscious I felt when I wore my first compression arm sleeve. It didn’t make my lymphedema feel better nor did the pooling of fluid above where the sleeve ended look the least bit attractive.

For me, wearing Solidea Active Massage® compression garments is a completely different experience. Not only do I feel better knowing I’m helping my body, the Italian style rocks! The 3D fabric, which gives the massage effect, has a stylish look to it. Incorporating Solidea Active Massage® compression garments into my outfits make me feel confident in my own skin and I don 't have to sacrifice how I look to take care of myself.  

Here are a few outfits I’ m planning on wearing during this holiday season. I hope it helps get your creative juices (and lymph flow) going.

Sue Callison, Lymphedema Thriver

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