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Cording Explained: Axillary Web Syndrome

Susan Callison

Before I developed lymphedema, I had cording but had no idea what it was. Cording can often a precursor to lymphedema. Denise Stewart, OT, has many years in the game and is an incredible resource. I'm excited to share...

Top 5 Nutrition Lymphedema Questions Answered

Susan Callison

You asked…Jean answered! I am so excited to share this guest blog post from Jean LaMantia, RD. Jean is a registered dietitian who works with lymphedema. As you know, food is a big struggle for...

Lymphedema: Our 10 Best Travel Tips

Sue Callison

Unfortunately, traveling can put a real strain on our lymphedema. Here are some tips to help! 1. The number one way to keep a handle on your lymphedema while traveling is to wear compression garments....