Solidea Active Massage® Braless Top [Medium / Cream]

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Inventory liquidation sale! Limited quantities. All sales final. No returns or exchanges will be accepted.Inventory liquidation sale! Limited quantities. All sales final. No returns or exchanges will be accepted. 

The Active Massage® Braless Top helps those who need compression in their back, below their underarm and in the abdomen area. This garments works best if paired with one of our lower body Active Massage Garments.


  • For Entire Torso
    No tight squeeze here! Breathe easy in this ultra comfortable Active Massage® Top. This ground breaking technology combines lighter compression (not so tight) with patented 3D wave knit fabric to activate a gentle massage as your body moves. This massage action works with you to rid your body of excess fluid by boosting micro circulation in the endless network of lymphatic and venous capillaries just beneath your skin. An excellent option for lymphedema in the back, underarm and lower breast. Wear it everyday and during physical activity for superior results. Depending on body shape, sometimes it is easier to step into this garment rather than pull it over the head. To reduce rolling, we suggest pairing the Top with one of our lower body garments.

    Wave Impression On Your Skin

    This is what the garment is intended to do. The wave impression should be visible on your skin but not irritated. If the impression is irritated, this indicates you most likely need a larger size.

    The pattern on your skin will fade within a half hour to a few hours after removing the garment.

    Your Active Massage garment is at its best when worn while active. It is your movement that creates the massage effect and helps with lymphatic drainage.

    Garment also known as: Silver Wave Top (12/15 mmHg)

    Active Massage Top Size Chart

    How To Use The Circumference Measuring Chart

    Measurement Points

    1. waist
    2. bust

    What You Need To Measure

    • A cloth measuring tape or string and a ruler
    • Paper and pencil or pen

    Measuring For The Arm Sleeve

    • Whenever possible, have someone assist with measuring
    • For the most accurate size and fit, take measurements in the morning
    • Take measurements on bare skin. Be sure the tape lays flat and is snug without creating any indentations
    • With a slight bend to your elbow and arm relaxed, rest the point of your elbow on a flat surface
    • Use the cloth measuring tape and measure, in centimeters, the circumference of each point noted in the diagram above and write them down
    • You can also use a string, same as above, but then place the length of the string next to a straight ruler for the measurement
    • Compare your circumference measurements to the chart above

    **If you are between sizes we recommend first trying the larger size.

    For further information or assistance with fitting, compression strength, type of garment or frequency of use, please consult your healthcare professional.

    When You Receive Your Garment

    Please try the garment on for proper fit.

    We request that you try the garment on clean, dry, unmoisturized and unperfumed skin. When putting on, we recommend the use of rubber (donning) gloves to protect the integrity of the garment and help evenly distribute the fabric.

    If the garment fits properly, we recommend washing it before continued wear.

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