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Sue Callison Founder of Solidea US
The story of how I found Solidea's unique compression garments is a bit unusual. I’m a breast cancer survivor who developed an incurable condition called lymphedema from my treatments. As a result, I experience chronic swelling and discomfort and have to wear compression garments every day.

Unfortunately, when I was diagnosed in 2009, the medical community knew very little about lymphedema. To make matters worse, the compression garments I was told to wear were tight, unattractive, and actually made my swelling worse. Wearing these medical garments made me feel embarrassed about my lymphedema and uncomfortable in my own skin. I felt alone, discouraged and hopeless.

In trying to find a solution, I discovered Solidea, an innovative Italian compression garment manufacturer. After trying their garments, I was blown away by how easy they were to wear and the results I got from themAfter wearing Solidea, I started to feel more confident and, as strange as it might sound, enjoyed putting my garments on.

Solidea's compression garments made my body feel closer to its old self and even a bit more energized. I found I was able to focus more on my life and less on my lymphedema. This might sound a bit cheesy, but they truly gave me my hope back

I knew I couldn't keep this discovery to myself. I wanted to share Solidea with others who were struggling with any type of swelling from post-op care to all lymphatic disorders. I know I'm not alone in the need for an alternative to the current compression garments. 

Solidea compression wear changed my life and I hope they change yours too!

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