Hi there, I'm Sue Callison

The story of how I came to personally know these amazing undergarments is a bit unusual. I’m actually a breast cancer survivor who developed an incurable condition called lymphedema from my treatments. As a result, I experience chronic swelling and discomfort. As part of the management of my condition, I have to wear compression garments. Unfortunately, the traditional prescribed compression garments did not work well for me.

In trying to find a solution, I discovered Solidea of Italy’s Active Massage compression wear with an innovative 3D knit fabric and lighter compression. These garments were designed to help slenderize, tone and reduce the appearance of cellulite. It was not a traditional medical compression garment, but because of the limited options available, I decided to give them a try. After wearing them for a bit, I was thrilled with my results! 

I know I'm not alone in the need for an alternative to traditional compression garments. Solidea Active Massage compression garments changed my life and I hope they change yours too!

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