Massage Technology

Active Massage compression is designed with a massaging wave texture. Micromassage fabric stimulates the skin through gentle pressure which improves lymphatic circulation to help manage swelling.

Just as effective as classic compression but easier to put on and more comfortable to wear all day.

Fit & Function

Italian design and impeccable craftsmanship mean these classic compression garments feel like no other. As beautiful and elegant as they are effective and comfortable with soft, breathable and lightweight fabric.

Solidea, The Perfect Fit

In 2009, while going through breast cancer treatments, I developed an incurable condition called lymphedema which caused chronic swelling and pain. I was told to wear compression garments to help manage these symptoms. At that time, there were very limited options and to my dismay, none were right for me. These compression garments made me feel embarrassed, uncomfortable in my own skin and they didn't give me results. I felt alone, discouraged and hopeless.

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