Partner with the brand you love! We pride ourselves on providing life-changing compression garments and excellent customer service.

Affiliate Benefits
  • Earn up to 12.5% on each sale
  • Free to join!
  • You could change someone's life by sharing Solidea's revolutionary compression garments
  • Promote a women-owned small business
How Does it Work?

1. Sign up here
2. Once approved, you'll get your unique affiliate link and coupon code
3. Fill out your W-9 Form so you can get paid (in your account Settings > Tax)
4. Start inspiring your audience - create high-quality content that showcases all our garments can do
5. Get paid for your sales! (affiliates get paid once a month, 30 days after orders are placed)


Who can become a Solidea U.S. affiliate?
Anyone who has a mainly U.S. based audience. Solidea U.S. only ships to the United States.

If I don't live in the United States can I be a Solidea U.S. affiliate?

Yes - however, Solidea U.S. only ships to the United States. You can only use promo codes and earn a commission on sales in the United States. So if you have a big audience in the United States, this could work for you. Keep in mind, you may want to only target your United States audience so your audience doesn't get confused.

Can I use my own affiliate code?

We don't allow our affiliates to use their own affiliate links for themselves or anyone in their family or household.

I have questions, who can I ask?
Please send all inquiries to with "Affiliate Program" in the subject line.