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A large part of your lymphatic system lives just beneath the skin. This is where the excess fluid in your tissues is picked up.

Here are a few things I do in the shower to stimulate my lymphatic system. To help drain the fluid and reduce brain fog, after I wash my hair and while the conditioner is on:

  • I pull my hair from the root just enough to lift the skin away from my scalp I start at my hair line and move up toward the top of my head
  • Then I use a rubber scalp massager and follow the same pattern

I use a soft scrubby or sponge and gently wash my body using small circular motion. I work the sponge in the direction I want my fluid to travel:

  • I start with the top of my face and work down to the bottom of my neck
  • I use a soft back scrubber and wash from the bottom of my neck down to my lower back and tush
  • I wash the front of my torso starting with my stomach and then moving up
  • I wash from the base of my arm out to my finger tips. Then wash each finger individually
  • I wash from the top of my leg down to my ankles
  • I scrub my feet with a foot scrubber
  • Finish it off with body oil (quick & easy moisturizing) following the same order

While I'm showering I take a few deep belly breaths to help get things moving even more!

Make sure to follow the same pattern as you dry off. I'm always way more ready to start my day after I do this!

FYI, forgo hot tubs and hot showers. Hot water dilates blood vessels releasing additional fluid into your tissues. Not so hot!

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