Posted by Susan Callison


Summer has long been my favorite season until I developed lymphedema. Heat and humidity are definitely not my friends and even though I know I’ll feel better in my compression garments and keep my swelling in check, they are no fun to put on or wear.  

My Top 5 Tips to Surviving the Summer Heat in Compression

  1. Take cooler showers, this helps lower your body temperature. Get your lymphatic system pumping by alternating cooler and cold water.

  2. Put your compression garments in the freezer for 10 minutes before putting them on. This will make the garment cold and might even give you goosebumps.

  3. Sprinkle baby powder or cornstarch on your skin (make sure it's 100% talc free) before putting on your compression. This will take any moisture out of your skin so it's easier to slide them on.

  4. Always use donning or rubber gloves (preferably with a pattern on the palm and fingers) to help pull your compression garments up and move the fabric around. I find this especially helpful when my skin is a bit sticky or I'm experiencing a little excess swelling from the summer heat.

  5. Carry a small spritz bottle of water and lightly spray your Active Massage compression garments. Active Massage garments are infused with silver which has the most amazing cooling effect when spritzed with water. It’s like my own personal air conditioning!

Hope this helps you enjoy your summer a bit more!

Wearing Compression Stockings in the Summer Heat

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