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Nighttime Garments Demystified

If you wear daytime compression garments and you don’t swell at night or experience any kind of discomfort from your lymphedema, you don’t necessarily need to wear a nighttime garment or wrap. Actually, giving your lymphatic system a break from compression could be a good idea! Our bodies are not designed to be compressed 24/7. Lymphedema already takes over your day so if you can have a break at night, take it!

Solidea Active Massage Compression Anti-Embolism Thigh Highs

 However, if you DO swell at night or you feel heaviness, aches, pain or discomfort from your lymphedema, nighttime garments or wraps are probably a good idea. You don't want to give your lymphedema more opportunity to progress. Most importantly, if you're feeling sensations, even if you don't see swelling, that most likely means your swelling is an issue that needs to be consistently addressed. In this case, I would recommend looking for garments that have been specifically developed for nighttime use.

One option for a nighttime garment, is the Solidea Active Massage Compression Anti-Embolism Thigh Highs. The unique thing about this garment is the massaging fabric and open toe option. 

When my lymphedema first showed up, I didn't need a nighttime garment and thought, "I'm never going to wear one of these things." But over the years, as it's progressed, I've found nighttime garments extremely helpful to ease the discomfort and strange sensations I get in my legs. Without them, I'm so restless and uncomfortable that it's so hard to fall asleep. 

If you're feeling uncomfortable at night, I would recommend googling “nighttime garments for lymphedema,” to find different options or talk with your lymphedema therapist or other healthcare professional. 

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Disclaimer: This blog is for general information purposes only. Furthermore, information contained in this blog is not a substitute for medical advice – always consult a licensed healthcare professional for advice on your specific condition.

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