SOLIDEA has revolutionized the concept of therapeutic compression stockings, offering collections of graduated compression fashion stockings and tights that combine:

  • leg well-being and effectiveness in prevention of circulatory disorders
  • elegance, softness and a stylish and perfect fit of refined garments
  • refinement in a wide range of models, patterns and colors

Quality that has been acknowledged even by Iso 9001 certification achieved in 2003 and Iso 13485 certification in 2015.

Calzificio Pinelli S.r.l. was founded in 1976.

Between 1981 and 1990 it produced stockings and tights for some of the major international fashion designers and luxury brands, during the prêt-à-porter boom and the widespread diffusion of Italian fashion.

In 1997 Enzo Pinelli created the SOLIDEA brand, patenting and producing leading-edge products such as shorts with micromassage waves.

In 2001 SOLIDEA also entered the European and overseas markets with a steadily increasing presence. Today the brand can be found in 70 countries throughout the world and has 15,000 sales outlets in Europe alone.

In 2004 SOLIDEA inaugurated an innovative robotized system for automatic order management.

In 2010 it began a new marketing and communication strategy bringing SOLIDEA to a new market position, reaffirming the Brand's philosophy The glamour of well-being and strengthening the health/fashion combination, the core business of the company, with its debut, in 2014 on the Milan Fashion catwalks.
At the same time SOLIDEA started a process of support and sponsorship to culture and art, carried out on many fronts:

  • events in significant locations such as the Poldi Pezzoli Museum and Cusani Palace in Milan and Palazzo Te in Mantua hosting as protagonists leading exponents of culture and society
  • lessons and master classes held by Luca Pinelli, SOLIDEA managing director and in schools and universities in Italy and abroad, with scholarships and internship projects in the Company
  • sponsorships of exhibitions and events such as the first Chicago Biennial Architecture Exhibition.

In 2016 SOLIDEA celebrated forty years of business with an important presence in the main event being held in its area: Mantua, 2016 city of culture, and a photography exhibition in the Santa Radegonda Gallery in Piazza Duomo in Milan.

Philosophy & Mission

"I want every woman to feel beautiful, at ease, sexy and seductive, even when she has to wear graduated compression garments. This is why I created SOLIDEA, my solar idea, to give well-being and elegance to everyone!"
(from "The stocking genius" by Enzo Pinelli)

This genuine desire to use his expertise to improve the quality of life of people has always been the driving force behind Enzo Pinelli's business

Today he has set himself a new challenge: convince women that starting as early as the age of twenty they can prevent the disorders caused by venous stasis by adopting specific items to maintain the health and beauty of their legs.
Simple and rewarding, wearing garments that are both effective and elegant, in a wide range of models, patterns and colors that can meet all tastes and styles, from the most classic to the trendiest.

A philosophy with solid basic values:

  • Passion for research and ongoing innovation.
  • Loyalty to the original vocation, investing in economic and human resources.
  • Always keep quality at the very highest level.
  • Transmit values and know-how from father to children.
  • Keep ownership firmly inside the family, a guarantee of independence and stability.
  • Offer real Made in Italy, because every step in the chain, from project to production, takes place in its home district.