Traditional Compression Knee High Socks 25/32mmHg - Closed Toe




Medical Compression Knee High Socks with Closed Toe - 23/32 mmHg

  • For calf, ankle, foot area
  • Opaque
  • Soft non constricting top band and toe box
  • Seamless circular knit with graduated compression
  • Lightweight, soft, breathable, moisture wicking fabric
  • Remarkable all day comfort
  • 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex
  • Latex-Free
  • Made in Italy
  • Unisex

      Luxurious European Medical Grade Compression

      Solidea of Italy is the leading European designer of the most luxurious graduated therapeutic compression garments. Extensive research and clinical testing of highly specialized fabrics, technologies, design and weaving processes have resulted in garments with unparalleled effectiveness, comfort and style. Solidea's patented circular knit fabrics are proven to maintain compression levels and are made with the finest quality materials and craftsmanship.


      Graduated compression closed toe compression knee high socks are ideal for helping to improve lymphatic and venous circulation. Helps to prevent and control edema (swelling) and the pooling of blood in the legs. Used during post surgical healing and also for the management of lymphedema, varicose veins, venous insufficiency, moderate to severe varicosis and phlebitis. Can prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in individuals subjected to immobility, such as long distance travelers. 


      0335B8 Solidea Relax Unisex Closed ToeEuropean Ccl. 2


      How To Use The Circumference Measuring Chart

      cB - Narrowest point of your ankle (just above the ankle bone) 
      cD - 1 Inch below the knee

        What You Need To Measure

        - A cloth measuring tape
        - Paper and pencil or pen

         Measuring For The Compression Closed Toe Knee High

        - Take measurements on bare skin
        - Take measurements when swelling is at its lowest point
        - Lay tape flat and keep snug without creating any indentations
        - Measure the circumference points (cm) in the diagram
        - Compare your circumference measurements to the chart

        When You Receive Your Garment 

        We request that you try the garment on clean, dry, unmoisturized and unperfumed skin. When putting on, we recommend the use of rubber (donning) gloves to protect the integrity of the garment and help evenly distribute the fabric.

        If the garment fits properly, we recommend washing it before continued wear.

        When To Reorder

        We recommend replacing your garments every 3 to 6 months, depending on wear, to ensure consistency.


        Recheck your size to ensure proper fit.

        Questions Or Need Help?

        Please call 888.841.8834 

        Garment Care

        For best results, hand wash your garment using a mild detergent. Gently squeeze out excess water (do not wring) and lay flat to dry.

        Your garment can be machine washed in a lingerie bag with warm water on the delicate cycle and dried at a low temperature setting.

        Do not use bleach, fabric softener or other laundry additives.

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