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Active Massage Compression vs. Classic Medical Compression 

First, let me say, one type of compression garment is NOT better than the other. Each takes a different approach to dealing with swelling and discomfort. The question is, which type of compression garment is best for you long term? With conditions that cause swelling, consistently wearing compression garments is very important to help keep fluid from building up in your tissues. The more stagnant fluid that builds up, the more your condition may go from being something frustrating but manageable to something completely debilitating.

What Active Massage Compression Garments Do

Active Massage compression garments are designed to support the natural function of your lymphatic system. They work with your body to help manually stimulate lymphatic vessels to promote lymph drainage, similar to MLD (manual lymph drainage massage). Simply put, Active Massage garments are designed to help reduce swelling and the discomfort it can cause.

How Active Massage Compression Garments Work: 

Unlike traditional medical compression, Active Massage garments pair a 3D wave knit on the interior of the fabric with lower compression. This innovation works with your body to help naturally improve lymphatic function. As your body moves, Active Massage garments can manually stimulate lymphatic drainage to support fluid movement as the body intended.
    Why is Active Massage Not Available In a Higher Compression?

    High compression is designed to use pressure to contain your swelling. Active Massage garments work on a different principle. These garments are designed to stimulate fluid movement through lymphatic vessels beneath the skin. These vessels run on very low pressure so when too much compression is applied, it can cause them to collapse, leaving them unable to help move fluid.

    Who Are Active Massage Compression Garments Best For?

    Active Massage garments are helpful for people who have lymphatic systems that still function, just at a lower capacity. Your lymphatic system may need support from the Active Massage garments to help move the fluid. You must be able to move around while wearing the garments to help activate the massage effect.

    What Classic Medical Compression Garments Do:

    The focus of classic medical compression garments are to use high compression to help contain the swelling in the affected area.

    Classic compression garments are not designed to reduce swelling. Their goal is to help maintain the gains made during therapy and/or keep the affected area from increasing in size.

    Who Are Classic Medical Compression Garments Best For?

    Classic medical compression garments are helpful for people who have very limited lymphatic function (not easy to control swelling). Your body may not have the lymphatic function to get that fluid out. It may need compression to keep the swelling from advancing. In addition, if you are immobile or require custom garments to fit your affected area, then traditional classic compression garments may be for you.

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    Disclaimer: This blog is for general information purposes only. Furthermore, information contained in this blog is not a substitute for medical advice – always consult a licensed healthcare professional for advice on your specific condition.

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